Lawson Zippy Automatic Pre-Treat Sprayer



Lawson Zippy Automatic Pretreat Sprayer

An automatic pre-treat sprayer for all DTG spraying applications: The Zippy Pre-Treat is the most compact pretreat sprayer made. It features adjustable spray speeds, improved consistency versus hand spraying, and is completely electric. You can also adjust the spray length, by simply moving the shirt platen to where you want the spray to start - a convenient spray-length ruler/guide is provided. The Zippy spray nozzle is even adjustable left-to-right, and up-and-down, providing maximum versatility.

Spraying by hand, or using a paint roller is inconsistent, and wastes a tremendous amount of pre-treat fluid. The Zippy is an automatic direct-to-garment pre-treat machine that ends the “pre-treat nightmare”.

The floor stand, casters and spray hood package provides many features to enhance your pre-treat experience. The floor stand is designed to take up less floor space than a purchased table or desk, and it includes locking casters to move the Zippy anywhere with ease. The floor stand has been designed for optimum ergonomics. The spray hood enclosure keeps the overspray in a controlled environment. Controlling the overspray will help keep your shop and your pretreat operator safe. The enclosure quickens up clean-up at the end of the day.


  • All-Electric, Space-Saving Design 
  • Bench Model Design 
  • Large Spray Area: up to 16” x 19”
  • Open-Air Spraying Garment Tuck Tray - large enough to accommodate t-shirts and hoodies
  • All Metal Construction Adjustable Spray Area Length
  • Quick-Change Twist On/Off Spray Nozzle (self-aligning, no tools and instant)
  • DC Motor-Drive Platen for Automatic Spraying
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • One-Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Varying Width Spray Tips
  • Floor Stand, Casters and Spray Hood Package

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