Printer's Resource FAQ

How thick is the film?What is the difference between capillary film and direct emulsion? What is the shelf life of the film? When is film dry? What else do I need to properly process capillary film? My emulsion will not stick to the screen, what do I do? What kind of film do I need to use to make positives? I’m using the right printer that you recommend but its still not black enough to make a good positive. How come? Why do I need water proof ink jet film? Why does the film positive sometimes stick to the bottom of my screen causing the ink to come off the film and stick to the screen? What should my stencil characteristics be when printing fine lines?What causes sawtooth when printing fine lines?What is moiré?Is there an organic textile ink available? How can I become a greener printer? Are Nazdar Inks tested on animals?What causes the ink to wash out or crack when laundered?How do I test my dryer?Why doesn’t the ink adhere to the garment?What causes the ink to fade when laundered?Why is the shirt color bleeding into my ink? Or… Why did my White ink turn PINK?Do I need an adhesive additive for polyester garments?Do I need an adhesive additive for nylon substrates?What can I do to improve opacity?Are there different types of inks for different types of substrates?Is there anything I can do to keep my 4 color Process prints from looking dark and muddy?I have just run out of thinner for my solvent based ink and I have to finish a job today. Is there another thinner that I can use?How long can I expect my colors to last outdoors before fading occurs?Can I print with UV curable inks even though I do not have a UV curing unit?Do you make reflective inks for graphic applications?I am using a solvent based ink in a poorly ventilated area. Do I have a reason to be concerned?How do I stop my screens from drying-in during printing?How long will my ink last on the shelf and, how can I tell how old my ink is?Does Nazdar make inks for Lycra?What is Sublimation?What is Sublimation printing?What can I print sublimation ink onto?How does it compare to direct to textile printing?How is sublimation transfer different from transfer papers?What are the limitations?Can I get Pantone matches with Sublimation?What about fade resistance?What are zoned vacuum beds?What is an oiler and how does it work?What's the advantage of being able to index in either direction on a multi-color graphic press?What's the purpose of adjustable UV lamps?Are takeoff systems for flatbed presses cost effective?What is a Switchback Dryer?How does M&R's Dripless Squeegee work?What's Job Recall™ on my M&R press?How does M&R's Ink Dip System work?What is flat flood?What's the advantage of double-sided sheet locators?What's the value of independent vacuum and blowback?Where can I get information about printing techniques?What sets the M&R Chameleon manual presses apart from other manual presses?Why should I consider an automatic press for my T-shirt shop?What's an oiler and how does it work?What’s the difference between infrared and quartz-infrared flash cure units?Is the Cycle Speed the same as the Print Speed?What can I print on my textile press?What options are available for those who want to print non-standard sizes and garment area?What is a Tri-Loc? And how can it save me time?How does the Tri-Loc Registration system work?What is a Pneumatic Squeegee Pressure Regulator?What is the "Revolver" Print Program?What is the purpose of Central Off-Contact?What’s the purpose of M&R's Rasta Bars and when should they be used?What is the purpose of a Pallet Locator Arm?How long should the infeed and outfeed on my dryer conveyor be?What costs are involved in setting up and running a finishing operation? Why should I consider adding automatic or semi-automatic finishing equipment to my production line rather than just hiring a few temps to take care of it? How will I know if it's time for me to automate my product finishing process? What are the advantages of folding, bagging, and tagging? What products can be folded and bagged? How fast can we expect to fold shirts with automated machinery? Some of my customers require a cardboard stiffener in the folded garments. Can this process be automated? How many people are required to operate a folding/bagging station? What types of bags or films are available?What features are available in pre-made bags? How fast is the bagging operation? Can I use a single bag for multiple products? Can the stacking process (prior to bagging) be automated? How can I ensure that I have the correct number of shirts in each box? How do I select the right size bag for my product? What material should the bag be made of and how thick should it be? What are the advantages of printed bags? What does the word ___________ mean? What does the word ___________ mean? What is the difference between a Point Light Source and a Multiple Light Source?Is vacuum important for exposing screen printing frames?What does an Integrator do, and what benefit do I get from having one on my exposure unit?What is the difference between Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and Quartz Halogen light sources?What is the difference between a Shuttered light source and an Instant Start light source?What are the benefits of the NuArc Tri-Light CTS?What are the benefits of self-contained exposure units?What’s the advantage of lamps with multiple wattage settings?How should I handle my media?How should one protect vehicles that have been wrapped?Do you supply materials that can be applied to a vehicle?Do some materials work better for full vehicle wraps or just vehicle decals?How do I prepare my vehicle for application?Will the graphic damage my paint job?How do I remove the graphic from the vehicle?What would cause a vehicle graphic to fail?What is the difference between a Cast and Calendared vinyl?What is the difference between a Solvent based and Water based Adhesive?Does Vinyl banner material only come in white?Will all cast/calendar laminates work on all vinyls?What can I do if the heat transfer material does not adhere to the garment?How do you remove a heat transferred graphics?How does climate affect my material?Is there a certain temperature range that I can apply my material in? When is hot to hot and when is cold too cold?Are application tapes reusable?How can I prevent the application tape from yellowing?Why does my material not sublimate? Just melts and does receive the image?Should Magnetic material be handled differently that other digital media?If I wanted to learn better techniques and educate myself, where would you recommend that I look?What printer capability do I need to print Vinylefx specialty?Can I install Vinylefx using an application or wet solution?What application tape should I use on Vinylefx?How long should I wait to apply a laminate or contour cut printed graphics from a solvent printer?Didn’t find what you are looking for?Are there any other causes of moiré?