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Enterprise Systems Updates

Enhanced Forms
The overall look of these forms has changed to reflect a clean, easy-to-read layout. Specific changes to each form are detailed in the PDFs below.
Branch Inventory Closure

This update requires inventory to be counted across our warehouse network. As is typically the case, conducting inventory will require that product not be shipped while being counted.

In order to best serve you, we will be conducting inventory over a two week period, with certain facilities being unavailable for shipments the first week, and the remaining the following week. Below is a detailed schedule of these facilities and their inventory dates.

Warehouse Location Inventory Dates
Countryside, IL August 26 -
September 4
Fairfield, OH
Greensboro, NC
Opa Locka, FL
Shawnee, KS
Norcross, GA September 2 -
September 10
Troy, MI
North Kansas City, MO
Pennsauken, NJ
Garden Grove, CA
El Salvador
Ensenada, MX

What does this mean to you?

  • That the facility you typically receive product from will be unavailable on the week indicated.
  • We understand unplanned circumstances will occur. We recommend placing orders in advance of the inventory dates.
  • Should unplanned needs arise during inventory dates, we will serve you from other locations.

Should you have questions about the inventory dates and how it may impact you, please contact our customer service department at (888) 578-5713, orders@sourceone.nazdar.com or your sales representative