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We're sorry but there are no more samples available. Please use the form to receive a 25% coupon to try ImageStar Stencil Removers.
ImageStar Stencil Remover products are used to reclaim all stencil types. Economical concentrates allow the user to adjust the strength of the product while achieving high quality performance. The free sample quart of 1:20 stencil remover will make 5.25 gallons of emulsion remover.


  • IMS630 1:20 Concentrate: At a 1 to 20 mixture this product is a perfect fit for those shops using a concentrate but not mixing full drums at one time. The quart sample will make 5.25 gallons of emulsion remover.

Also available from ImageStar Stencil Remover Product Line:

IMS 601 Ready-For-Use

IMS 602 1:50 Concentrate

IMS 603 Powder

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Limit 1 (one) per customer. Limited quantity of 50 sample quarts available. Offer good while supplies last.