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Get your screens clean with 15% off KIWOCLEAN ECO-WASH

Try out KIWOCLEAN ECO-WASH! All 150 samples have been given away, but you can still save 15% off today.

KIWOCLEAN® ECO-WASH is a low odor solvent mixture for the removal of most screen printing inks. It is designed for cleaning screens prior to reclaiming. Its low foaming formulation makes it especially suitable for use in automatic washout equipment.
  • Economical ink wash used to remove ink during the screen reclaiming process
  • Quickly dissolves all textile and graphic UV inks
  • May be applied manually in a washout booth or used in enclosed automatic screen washing machines
  • Mild odor = happier employees
  • May be used to treat fresh ink stains without damaging the mesh
* ECO15 offer good through 11/30/2017. Valid for quart (KW23123312), gallon (KW23123511), 5 gallon (KW23123518) and 55 gallon (KW23123727) sizes of KiwoClean Eco-Wash. No limit on use or quantity. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.