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Since we are unable to send you a sample kit, please take a moment to enter your information in the form to the right for an exclusive 15% off coupon to use your next online order so you can try these products or any other ink or supply item on our website.

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Learn More About KIWO’s 2-Step Water Reducible Reclamation (WRR) System


Save time, money and reduce your impact on the environment with Kiwo's 2-Step WRR System

Kiwo's 2-Part Water Reducible Reclamation System is a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional reclaiming practices using only two products to reclaim printing screens instead of the traditional method of using four.

Step 1: Use Dual Strip to remove ink (Plastisol & UV) and stencil simultaneously
Step 2: Use KiwoClean Concentrated Ink Wash to remove ink stains

See the outstanding results of the 2-Step Water Reducible Reclamation System from Kiwo. Request your free sample kit today from Nazdar SourceOne. Offer is limited to the first 200 companies to register!

Dual Strip is a concentrated liquid used to simultaneously remove Plastisol and Water-based textile inks, some UV inks, and direct emulsion and/or capillary films.

KiwoClean Concentrated Ink Wash is a concentrated liquid stain remover & degreaser used as a caustic-free alternative to harsh haze removers traditionally used for removing ghost haze left in the screen after reclaiming.

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