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Making sure your garments print perfectly is easier with the EZPrep Pretreatment System and M-Link X DTG Printer.

M-Link X features high-speed, long-life industrial inkjet engines designed for printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, cut pieces and most flat, smooth fabric surfaces. Get the best quality of the M-Link X by pretreating your garments using the EZPrep first. EZPrep automatically pretreats garments for use in direct-to-garment digital printing. Proper pretreatment is essential for garment-to-garment print consistency, and pretreating garments prior to printing ensures the most accurate and vibrant images possible.
Highlights of M-Link X:
  • Prints whites in 30-45 seconds and blacks in less than a minute
  • Ink-saving print modes makes it the industry’s lowest cost per print
Highlights of EZPrep:
  • Adjustable spray-start and spray-stop positions
  • Maximizes print consistency
  • Trouble-free operation