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Available from Nazdar SourceOne
M&R Starlight ASO UV LED Screen Exposure System

Save money, time and energy with the new M&R Starlight ASO UV LED Screen Exposure System.

The new patent-pending Starlight ASO (Adjustable Spectrum Output) uses three independently adjustable nanometer ranges to increase screen-exposure flexibility. Each range can vary light output from 0%-100%, and operators can increase or decrease gain (intensity) to best match each emulsion. Operators can also fine tune exposure intensity on sensitive and fast-acting emulsions.
Features and Highlights:
  • Can be stand-mounted or used on table top
  • Optional CTS retrofit kit turns the Starlight ASO into a CTS UV LED exposure system
  • Ideal for conventional exposures
  • UV LEDs save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, speed up production and operate at far lower temperatures than metal-halide lamps