Introducing the new Roland TrueVIS VG2 Series
Wide Format Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Roland: Built to exceed your needs
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Get it all with the VG2: Turn up the dial on accuracy, efficiency and performance

Engineered to exceed the needs of today's most demanding professionals, the TrueVIS VG2 offers new ink and color modes for detailed color reproduction, 3M and Avery certification, smart new automatic pinch rollers and other features to maximize quality and productivity. Available in 54" and 64" models, it's everything you could ever want in a printer/cutter plus a whole lot more!

Features of the Roland VG2 Series:
  • Expanded gamut with process orange color option to hit more oranges and reds
  • 3M and Avery warranty coverage for your graphics printed on the VG2 with the new Roland TR2 ink
  • Advanced cutting and cropping features that improve accuracy with ease
  • Four FlexFire printheads with precision droplet technology deliver rich and smooth image results, even in high-speed modes