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Let your imagination run wild with Roland's line of VersaUV printers and printer/cutters.

The possibilities are limitless for what Roland VersaUV line of printers and printer/cutters can put out. Offering Flatbed, Hybrid and Roll-to-Roll Printer/Cutter options, all with Roland ECO-UV ink on board, keeping up with creative production is easy. ECO-UV inks produce graphics and textures with high-density color in CMYK, White and Clear. See and feel the difference, with Roland VersaUV technology.

Roland VersaUV LEJ-640FT Flatbed LED UV Printer
  • Compatible with a wide range of media substrates up to 6" thick and 220 pounds
  • Powerful, zoned vacuum system makes for easy handling of substrates, including Sintra®, Coroplast® and styrene
  • Print very big and many small with large-scale flatbed customization

Roland VersaUV LEJ-640 UV-LED Wide-Format Hybrid Inkjet Printer
  • Hybrid printer is compatible with roll-to-roll media and supports rigid material up to 1/2" thick, including 4' x 8' sheets
  • Perfect for large sheets of Gatorfoam®, Fome-Cor®, corrugated cardboard and more
  • Produce graphics with stunning varnish and embossed effects

Roland LEF Series LED UV Printers
  • Print on virtually anything including pens, smart phone covers, signs, awards, giftware, and more
  • Optional Rotaprint available for printing 360° on cylindrical objects
  • Gloss, White inks and optional Primer for creating high-gloss, matte, ADA signage (braille) and embossed effects

Roland LEC Series UV Printer/Cutters
  • UV printer/cutters ideal for producing packaging prototypes, labels and specialty graphics
  • Low-heat LED lamps print on foils, BOPP, PET film, fabrics and more
  • Gloss ink for matte, high-gloss, emboss and dimensional effects
  • Embossing, creasing, perf-cutting and more in one awesome device
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