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On CST Computer-To-Screen Systems

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Save now on the best performing range of screen printing mesh
SEFAR PME is for printers who need to expand the capabilities of their screen printing process. The mesh is made from an innovative, high modulus, high tensile strength yarn developed and manufactured by Sefar. This screen printing mesh solution offers stencil makers and printers maximum precision in extremely tight tolerances. SEFAR PME enables the efficient and reliable production of stencils that allow for printing of the most demanding, high volume products – meeting the highest quality demands.

Features of SEFAR PME:
  • High modulus polyester yarn with increased tensile strength
  • Minimal loss of tension
  • Balanced and low mesh elongation
  • Adhesion optimized surface treatment
  • Resolution optimized mesh color
  • Uncompromised paste and ink release
  • Developed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards

SEFAR PME and CST - no more compromising

SEFAR PME has been engineered with CST’s direct exposing computer-to-screen systems in mind. With SEFAR PME and CST, you get the best of both worlds - fast exposure and minimal scatter. No more need to compromise.