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Nazdar SourceOne is proud to announce our partnership with Sensient Imaging Technologies

Your leading supplier now offers ElvaJet® Swift dye sublimation inks from Sensient Imaging Technologies. Sensient is a leading pioneer in the field of sublimation printing. The ElvaJet® Swift ink series brings you fast drying, high transfer rate inks with superior color strength and lower ink consumption than the competition. This innovative ink series opens the way for the production of garments, sportswear, interior textiles and banners.

Sensient ElvaJet® Swift inks offer:
  • 35% higher dyestuff concentration, which means 35% less water used to deliver color
  • Ink stability and printing reliability that is unsurpassed by the competition
  • Outstanding printability on virtually any printer equipped with Epson DX printheads
  • Fast drying, high transfer rate on both coated and uncoated papers
  • Superior color strength at a much lower ink consumption
  • Eco-sustainability: a true water-based solution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No cockling

Sensient ElvaJet® Swift inks should be printed indirectly via an intermediate substrate ΜΆ transfer paper. To obtain a good color transfer and fixation, it is recommended to operate at 200°C (410°F) for 30 seconds. For optimal results, the Nazdar SourceOne DTS Team can assist you with heat mapping your press and process.