Health & Safety

What should I do if I come into contact with a UV curable product?

  • Immediately flush eyes with large amounts of cool water (15 minutes) and seek medical attention. A SDS of the product should be taken to the doctor.
  • Immediately wash skin with large amounts of water. Use soap and water or other skin cleaning compounds to remove ink.
  • Never try to remove UV ink from the skin by using solvent or thinners. Such action is likely to increase the possibility of undesirable effects.
  • The presence or consumption of food, beverages or smoking materials should be banned from the work environment. Operators should wash their hands thoroughly prior to eating, drinking or smoking to eliminate accidental ingestion of UV curable materials.
  • All garments and protective clothing, soiled with even small amounts of UV materials, should be discarded or laundered in hot water and detergent, separately from other garments.
  • Housekeeping should emphasize the necessity of cleaning up spills, cleaning utensils such as measuring equipment, knives and stirrers. Because UV ink will not dry unless exposed to intense UV light, it is easily spread from one area to another without anyone realizing it.

The most important item in UV safety is proper training in the correct use and housekeeping of ultraviolet curable inks. If the above steps are followed, UV ink will provide excellent results with minimal health and safety problems.