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Digital Pretreat Machines

Nazdar SourceOne has the pretreat machine to save your shop time and money. Crisp images and bright colors all begin with the right pre-treat solution on your garment. We are proud to offer a wide selection of pre-treat solutions to fit your needs.
Lawson pre-treat sprayers come in a variety of options to suit all needs. Their all electric, industrial, state-of-the-art build is ideal for basic to sophisticated spraying. Compact and economical options suit various budgets and space constraints.
EZPrep is designed to maximize print consistency, minimize overspray and eliminate guesswork from the pre-treatment process. Its consistent application of pre-treatment solution can reduce overall consumption, speed up production and decrease costs.
Viper XPT1000 is a unique and easy to use pre-treatment machine that is efficient and at a price that is affordable for every DTG shop.

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Zoom AE Pre-Treat Sprayer

Lawson Zoom AE Pre-Treat Sprayer

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EZPrep Pretreatment System

M&R EZPrep Pretreatment System

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Zoom AE Pre-Treat Sprayer - Demo Unit

Lawson Zoom AE Pre-Treat Sprayer - Demo Unit

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Silver-Jet Pre-Treat Sprayer

Lawson Silver-Jet Pre-Treat Sprayer

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XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine

Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine

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