Health & Safety

What is the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)?

HMIS was developed by the National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA) to provide information on the acute health hazards, flammability and reactivity of products encountered in the workplace at room temperatures. HMIS is a visual system using colors, numbers, letters of the alphabet and symbols to communicate risk information to workers. The HMIS program communicates necessary hazard information to supervisors and employees in a uniform and easily understandable manner. The program is based on a rating scheme designed to be as compatible as possible with hazard communication systems such as ANSI, NIOSH and others used by industry.

HMIS codes assigned are only suggested ratings based on anticipated normal screen printing applications. The employer has the ultimate responsibility for assigning these ratings and should fully evaluate the SDS, work practices and environmental conditions prior to assigning the appropriate ratings.