Health & Safety

What other manufacturer CPSIA documents are available on the website?

The following are letters Nazdar SourceOne has received from our suppliers. If additional information is needed regarding these supplier letters, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Albatross, USA Inc. - Lead and Phthalates Statement

Avient Wilflex - Lead and Phthalates Statement

Easiway Systems - CPSIA, RoHS, and REACH SVHC Statement

EFI Vutek - Lead and Phthalates Statement

International Coatings Company, Inc. - CPSIA, OSHA, RCRA, Prop 65, Phthalate Free and European Safety Standards Statement.

MacDermid Autotype - Phthalates Statement

Magna Colours - Lead and Phthalates Statement

If you need additional information from Nazdar, please contact the Regulatory Compliance Department at (913) 422-1888 or email us at