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Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues

Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Friday, May 10, 2019/Categories: Industry News - Graphic

(Quoted from Specialist Printing Worldwide, featuring Nazdar experts, Terry Kimrey and Steve Noland. Learn more about Specialist Printing magazine here.)

In a perfect world every print job runs with ease. The same job runs the same the third time as it did the first and second time. In the real world problems arise that have people scratching their heads. During any printing process there can be multiple things that could go wrong. How do you know if the problem is ink, substrate, equipment or a combination of constituents? 

This article leans toward screen printing; however, some issues and suggestions expand to other printing processes as well. Downtime costs money no matter what printing process you are using. Understanding and locating the problem quickly can minimise downtime and keep the print shop moving forward. Let us look at common issues for suggestions that may be useful in the print shop.

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