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Streamlining Supplied Artwork

Streamlining Supplied Artwork

Author: NazStore/Friday, October 11, 2019/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from M&R. More information here.)

As a screen printing shop gets larger each area of the business gets more complex. There are typically more employees, orders, tasks, steps, and overall more things that can get out of sync with each other. A company may double in size over the course of just a few years but the process or system that manages how things are done in an art department will often remain the same. This results in a lack of adaptation because of an adherence to old processes that no longer produce the necessary level of efficiency a larger shop requires. A bottleneck of capacity can form in the art department that holds a company back and even bleed profits from orders if it isn’t corrected and new systems are put in place. One way to address this is to streamline artwork as it is supplied to the art department.

The goal of streamlining any area of production is to improve the flow of orders through the department without adding confusion, complexity, or stress. Start by reviewing what types of artwork come into the department and what steps need to be performed on each type. Once this review is completed, each step that is applied to the art can be broken down to see if there is a way to reduce time and effort so that waste can be removed and excess capacity can be used on other jobs.

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