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Avoiding OSHA and Injuries

Avoiding OSHA and Injuries

Author: NazStore/Thursday, March 5, 2020/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

(Quoted from Printing Impressions. Full article here.)

Even though working in a printing operation is a relatively safe environment, injuries can and do occur. I'm sure you are aware of the potential hazards in your line of work. Whether through your first-day-on-the-job orientation, through webinars and training you've attended since then, or through experience - a.k.a. "learning the hard way" (for your sake, we hope it's not the latter) - at some point you were made aware of how to safely use the equipment in your facility and how to navigate the workplace by understanding warning signs and reading labels correctly. Even more impressive would be to have a systematic program that would identify anything that could potentially turn into a hazardous situation, and (here's the kicker) do something to mitigate that potential hazard.

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