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A Decorated Apparel Guide to Blank Face Masks

A Decorated Apparel Guide to Blank Face Masks

Author: Parker Andrews/Thursday, October 8, 2020/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Graphics-Pro.com. Full article available here.)

As this is being written (in the fall of 2020), masks have been the hottest-selling decorated item since March. Experts predict that it may be as late as fourth-quarter 2021 before there are enough doses for the entire population. Evidence continues to mount that masks are the public's best protection against the virus short of total self-isolation. This means that mask sales have a high likelihood of remaining a top-selling product for at least another year.


Masks will get lost, be left behind, wear out, and then there's the aspect of their emerging role as fashion accessories. Women are coordinating masks to their headbands, hair ribbons and bows, outfits, and even blinging them out with rhinestones and glitter. And they are becoming as much a billboard for personal messages and logos as T-shirts ever were. So needless to say, it behooves decorators to be aware of the pros and cons of the different types of masks out there and how you can best fit a specific kind to your client's needs. In this article, I will present a rundown of the most popular types of masks.

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