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Getting The Most From Your Color Matching Software

Getting The Most From Your Color Matching Software

Author: Erika Streator/Monday, May 10, 2021/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from International Coatings. Full article here.)

As more and more printers are moving into color matching systems to match PMS colors to meet their customer’s needs, the use of software provided with color matching systems (such as International Coatings’ online Color Formulation Tool) has become a valuable tool. Most color matching software will not only provide you with a formula to match a specific PMS color but will also provide you with other valuable information. We’ve tapped our Northeast Regional Sales Manager, John Levocz, to show us how to use such software and what to look for:

“Before we get started on color matching systems and their software, read the two pages about screen printing colors in the front of the Pantone book. After reading these pages you will have a better understanding of what a color system can and cannot do. Due to pigments used in screen printing and the different materials and colors you will be printing on, not every color will be a perfect match. Some colors will be closer than others but don’t expect a perfect match every time without tweaking the color. Even then, some colors are almost impossible to hit dead on. That being said, lets look at your color matching software.

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