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Three Things Every Screen Printer Should Do Right Now

Three Things Every Screen Printer Should Do Right Now

Author: Erika Streator/Wednesday, June 2, 2021/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Screen Printing Magazine. Full article here.)

One of the most influential marketing authors, Jay Conrad Levinson, wrote a book in 1984 called Guerilla Marketing. This book and the term it coined became extremely popular (over 21 million books sold in 62 languages), and these methods and strategies are now widely studied as ways to generate marketing results when financial or other resources are very limited. These concepts may also succeed in situations where there are other factors that compress or limit an ability to generate leads (such as restrictions on travel or face-to-face business meetings).

In a recent screen printing group discussion, several guerilla marketing ideas were mentioned as: “Three things that every screen printer should be doing immediately.” Part of the rationale for this lies in the fact that, lately, many printers are feeling a suppression in business from a variety of factors. These difficulties make it important to act quickly to keep the flow of orders coming in. One member suggested that one way to address tough situations like this is to test ideas quickly, see if there are any positive outcomes, and then rapidly magnify or pivot as needed.

The three ideas from the discussion were: start selling yourself online, start creating an audience on Instagram, and start a referral program right now.

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