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EFi gets wallpaper cert for UV LED printers

EFi gets wallpaper cert for UV LED printers

Digital inkjet roll-to-roll UV LED printers from EFI have achieved a key US certification for the quality and durability of prints used for décor applications, for its prints without lamination or coating.

Author: Zach Zaccone/Monday, June 14, 2021/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

gt;(Quoted from Print 21. Full article here.)

EFI roll-to-roll UV LED printers have earned a Type II certification for wallcoverings based on The Wallcovering Association W-101 and ASTM F793 standards.

According to EFI the Type II certification is an indicator for quality, safety and durability of wallcoverings and, unlike other Type II certifications for digital inkjet printers, EFI’s new certification covers wallcoverings produced without lamination or coating.

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