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Digital Squeegee DS-4000 Now Available on a Sportsman EXG

Digital Squeegee DS-4000 Now Available on a Sportsman EXG

Author: Erika Streator/Thursday, June 24, 2021/Categories: Industry News - Textile

Quoted from M&R with edits

When a customer has a special request, M&R goes the extra mile to accommodate! Same Day Tees, a Screen Print, Embroidery and Direct-to-Garment shop in Frankfort, IL recently wanted a second DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee®, but the only other automatic press they had available was a Sportsman™ EXG. The M&R engineers and techs put on their thinking caps, and retro-fit a DS-4000 to work with a Sportsman EXG!

M&R recently paid a visit to Same Day Tees to see their new hybrid printing setup in action. You can see how the DS-4000 prints with the Sportsman EXG by watching this video on YouTube.

If you are a current owner of a Sportsman EXG, reach out to Nazdar SourceOne at [email protected] to see if your EXG is compatible with the DS-4000. You may be able to open up your business to a whole new lineup of product offers and services with hybrid printing!

So whether you have a M&R series III automatic press (Gauntlet III or Challenger III), a Stryker, or a Sportsman EXG, M&R is continuously expanding the ability for you to include hybrid printing into your screen printing universe.

Click here to see the video


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