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Tips for Designing an Effective Banner

Tips for Designing an Effective Banner

According to Lily Hunter, Roland DGA, you first need to answer some questions about application

Author: Zach Zaccone/Friday, July 23, 2021/Categories: Industry News - Graphic

(Quoted from Graphics Pro. Full article here.)

Have you ever passed by a banner and had no idea what it was advertising? It doesn’t matter if a banner features beautiful graphics, eye-catching colors, and clever slogans; if the audience doesn’t know what to do with what they see, it’s a moot point.

Before you start designing your banner, try to answer a few basic questions about the application: 1. Where will this banner be viewed from – indoors, outdoors, at a distance, up close, from a moving vehicle? 2. What size should the banner be? 3. How long will this banner be displayed? 4. Will it be reused?

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