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Snakebit Order Curses

Snakebit Order Curses

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Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, March 30, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson's blog. Full Article here)

Have you ever had an order go so inexplicably wrong that no matter what you did another crazy problem would creep up and bite you square on the butt?  Ouch!  As you are left standing there, scratching your head muttering curses under your breath you wonder how that order could go sideways so quickly.  Of course, that’s when it dawns on you that most of the time these problems are not just some random act of karma, but entirely preventable if someone just did “something”.  That could be you, your customer, your staff, your vendors, or maybe just some random guy off the street.

I’ve talked with hundreds of different printers over the years, sat in on dozens of classes, belonged to numerous industry forum groups, and consulted with shops all across the country.  It seems we all have the same problems from time to time.  Customer problems, employee problems, training problems, equipment problems…they can all add up.  Of course, nobody ever admits to having any of these challenges…until about the second beer and then everyone spills their guts about the disaster that just happened in their shop last week.  Wanna know more?  How about this fictional order for your shop:

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