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America's Most Responsible Companies 2024

America's Most Responsible Companies 2024

Author: Parker Andrews/Wednesday, January 10, 2024/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(From Newsweek. Full article here.)

For the fifth year in a row, Newsweek has partnered with global research and data firm Statista for our annual list of America's Most Responsible Companies. While the inception of today's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives may only be a few decades old, the concept of the social contract goes back centuries. Corporate responsibility encompasses environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). However, at the core is the idea that businesses should support the communities in which they belong. But after a year when anti-woke campaigners were seemingly louder than ever, are companies doing anything different?

"The survey results suggest that companies have been making improvements in certain areas over the last three years, with social responsibility scores notably on the rise," Michael Bausch, senior analyst at Statista, tells Newsweek. "This positive trend indicates a commitment to enhancing corporate practices, particularly in response to societal expectations. The data reflects a gradual but encouraging evolution in companies' efforts to fulfill their responsibilities, highlighting a positive shift in their overall approach."

This year, we award 600 of the largest corporations in the United States, up from 500 in 2022. While that increase is noteworthy, even more so is the fact that the company in this year's 600th spot has a higher score than last year's 500th. It is also worth mentioning that 243 companies on the list have placed for at least four consecutive years, with 156 earning a spot for all five years.

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