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Eight Tips To Attract and Retain Top Talent

Eight Tips To Attract and Retain Top Talent

Author: Parker Andrews/Thursday, February 8, 2024/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

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The best human resources strategy that a company can have in 2024 is to keep the employees it has and create a work environment they like so much that they encourage others to work there, too. Methods for creating a great company culture, retaining employees, and improving recruiting are possible to implement for even the smallest companies. Here are eight strategies for building company culture, retaining employees, and enhancing recruitment.

#1. Inspire Your Team

The newest generation of workers want bosses who inspire them. Simply being a good businessperson is not enough to win the hearts and minds of employees. Instead, younger millennials and Generation Z want leaders who are good — maybe even great — communicators and deliver a message that makes them feel they are part of a team that is working for a company that does good for them, their community, and society. A dusty MBA may not be enough to prepare owners and executives for a role that is as much a coach as it is a company leader.

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