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Pricing Your Decorated Apparel for Profitability

Pricing Your Decorated Apparel for Profitability

Author: Parker Andrews/Friday, May 24, 2024/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(From Impressions Mag. Full article here.)

As any veteran decorator will tell you, while the craft of decorating—whether it be embroidery, screen printing, heat pressing or digital decorating—is critical to professional success, it’s only part of the equation. Just as important is getting a handle on the business side of things. This includes everything from marketing and logistics to budgeting, accounting and assessing your cost of goods sold.

In this article, adapted from a post originally published online by Anbin Muniandy, CEO and principal engineer the online business management company YoPrint, the author unpacks the nuts and bolts of determining product markups and margins so you can make substantial profits to boost your print shop’s finances.

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