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Xaar, Nazdar Ink Technologies Announce Collaboration

Xaar, Nazdar Ink Technologies Announce Collaboration

Author: Parker Andrews/Wednesday, June 12, 2024/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(From Ink World Magazine. Full article here.)

Xaar’s collaboration with Nazdar was a highlight of drupa 2024. Speaking at the global conference on June 3, Karl Forbes, Xaar’s Group R&D director, presented how the latest inkjet technologies are rewriting the rulebook for aqueous printing as part of the show’s touchpoint textile forum.

The presentation explained how Xaar’s collaborative work with Nazdar has enabled the creation of HighV Aqua Series, a unique high viscosity, pigmented water-based technology that will deliver disruptive performance benefits in the direct-to-garment (DTG), corrugated and outer case printing sectors.

With a focus on DTG, R&D chemists at Nazdar have produced a new fluid technology that can deliver clarity and high pigment loads with the use of innovative techniques and raw material selection. Vibrant, color-rich textiles can now be achieved with vastly reduced ink usage and printhead passes while also reducing energy consumption in the drying process. This technology has the capability to make water-based inkjet a viable option in a host of sectors.

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