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New Cures for Uncommon Substrates

New Cures for Uncommon Substrates

Why the demand for unusual substrates and the growth of LED curing are related trends.

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Friday, April 24, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

(Quoted from Screenweb.com. Full article here


Today, I had the privilege of interviewing the VP of operations of a company active in the wide-format digital printing market. It’s always very interesting to hear what the people who own and run these businesses are thinking and what challenges they face. For me, one of the most interesting aspects of the interview was his opinions on the technology his company has invested in and why. He says, "We bought on technology; we really didn't care much about the other stuff." At the same time, he was able to confirm many of the other trends that we’re seeing in wide-format printing, two of which—the growing popularity of LED technology and the need to print a wider range of substrates—are more related than they may appear.

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