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The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the Job

A closer look at squeegees and mesh, and how their properties affect specific prints.

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, August 18, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Impressions Magazine Contributing Writer, Keith Stevens. Full Article Here.)

My father is a master carpenter, and I learned early on that doing the best job requires not only skills and training, but also the proper tools. 

I first found this to be true when I was off-road racing int he late 90's and had to rebuild my car every three months to meet the deadline for the next competition. To be as efficient as possible, I needed the correct tools at the ready so that I not only got the job done quickly, but also wouldn't damage my parts. 

I now reference this simple revelation every time I conduct a screen-printing seminar: To do the best possible job in screen printing and - more importantly - to be profitable, you must understand the tools at your disposal. Screen printers have many available tools; however, most don't understand how one affects another, or how prints easily can be improved using simple adjustments. 

There are many variables that can turn an average print into a great one. Likewise, production speeds can go from sluggish to fast. For example, two common screen-printing tools  - squeegees and mesh - affect how ink gets deposited onto the substrate. Let's first talk about squeegees, which are - in my opinion- one of the mostmisunderstood tools in any printer's arsenal. 

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