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Paper Napkin Strategy – What’s Acceptable?

Paper Napkin Strategy – What’s Acceptable?

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, September 21, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson's blog, atkinsontshirt. Full article here.)
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As soon as he drew it on the napkin I knew I had to grab it.  My worst fear was that someone was going to sploosh ketchup or jambalaya on it, and then it would look like a crime scene photo.
I’m talking about the hand-drawn graph in the photo for this article of course.  It was sketched at a restaurant dinner table by none other than the golden voiced Aussie,Peter Walsh, President of NazDar SourceOne.  While his drawing skills may be somewhat limited compared to others in the industry, the emphasis and meaning on what he was illustrating are exceptional.
The basic nugget of our conversation was centered on the effort and financial expense shops go through on their continuous improvement journey and the impact that has with their customers.  What’s the divide between final production results for what is Not Acceptable to Acceptable to Above Acceptable?
Why were we talking about this stuff instead of sports or families or movies or any other normal dialogue that people might share at a restaurant?  Because that’s what anyone in this industry does over dinner and a few beers.  C’mon!
Think about how your shop fits in.  I’m curious to see what you think too, so please leave some comments!
For any decorated apparel shop across the land, as they continue to expand their business their skill and expertise grows as well.  Every step from starting an order to finishing an order comes under scrutiny at one time or another, and steps are taken to improve it along the way.  That’s completely natural and most certainly warranted.  We all want to get better.  (Some people actually work at it too.)
But what’s interesting is the shops that go above and beyond what anyone else is doing.

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