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Getting the Best Results from Your LED Exposure System

Getting the Best Results from Your LED Exposure System

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, October 20, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

(Quoted from Neil Bolding and Screenweb.com. Full article here.)
Continued from How Suitable Is UV LED Exposure for Your Stencil System?
Once you understand the output characteristics of your exposure unit and the peak absorption of the stencil system you wish to use, you can better gauge its compatibility. Figure 9 shows the typical absorption curves for the three types of stencil systems (Red: Acrylate sensitizer – Combined with diazo in dual cure emulsions; Blue: Diazo – Alone in single cure emulsions; Green: SBQ – Photopolymer emulsions.) Provided that an exposure system generates sufficient energy at the wavelengths where the stencil systems are reactive, the crosslinking necessary to harden the stencil will take place.

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