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The Power of Digitally Printed Packaging

The Power of Digitally Printed Packaging

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Wednesday, November 18, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Industrial

(Quoted from Frazer Chesterman and Inprint Industrial Print Blog. Full Article here.)

Digital Printing and more specifically inkjet printing technology has made vast advances over the past two decades. We can comfortably say almost everyone in today’s world uses inkjet technology or comes across an inkjet printed product. It has made serious inroads into various printing applications, at times revolutionising the applications themselves staying true to its disruptive nature. Paper printing for home or office use, Graphics, Coding & Marking, Ceramics, Textile, Glass are some applications/industries where inkjet is competing with conventional process’s or has replaced the conventional process. Digital printing is becoming increasingly important as business’s are changing their strategies from mass production to mass customisation. However, digital print is only just beginning to infiltrate the packaging market and demonstrate its true potential for seamless and personalised advertising, both on and offline.

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