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The “Zen” of Manual Printing

The “Zen” of Manual Printing

Follow these tips to become a master of the manual-printing craft.

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Wednesday, November 25, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson, Contributing Writer of Impressions Magazine. Full Article here.)
Pulling a squeegee on a manual screen-printing press and transforming a blank T-shirt into a colorful piece of commercial art is one of the most ubiquitous starting points for jobs in the decorated apparel industry. 
Whether it is a basement- or garage-operated shop, or a large-scale industrial printer, manual printing always is in high demand. It seems so easy, but not everyone can do it. 

there's a basic mixture of crafsmanship, technical skill, science and, of course, some old-fashioned elbow grease. What are the key traits and skills that a rookie printer should know to be transformed into a seasoned, highly skilled master of the craft?
Below is a guideline to master the "Zen" of manually printing T-shirts and making a big mark in any shop.

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