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Four Do’s and a Don’t

Four Do’s and a Don’t

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, December 14, 2015/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson at Atkinsontshirt.com. Full article here.)

Looking for the latest tip or trick to run your decorated apparel shop better?  You won’t find it in this article.
All I have here is going to be a lot of work on your end if you decide to accept the challenges.  Think you have what it takes?  We’ll see.
Listed below are four things you should be doing in your shop and one that you should not.  Because it sounded catchy, I’m naming these the four do’s and a don’t.  I think these are the cornerstone of running your shop more efficiently.  They are somewhat interconnected, but very relevant.
Ready?  Here goes…

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