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Understanding the Garment: Selection, Testing, and Prep

Understanding the Garment: Selection, Testing, and Prep

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Wednesday, March 23, 2016/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Barbara Montgomery and screenweb.com. Full article here.)

Quality screen printing of apparel begins with the garment itself. The garment impacts every other variable in the process, and understanding how it does so is central to achieving the best possible result. Stitch count, finish, weight, thickness, and fabric properties such as the potential for dye migration and heat sensitivity, as well as the material’s construction and color, all affect the print, and need to be considered in the production process. They may influence the mesh you choose for the job, the ink you select, the print/flash sequence, and much more; these factors, in turn, determine the quality level at which a specific piece of artwork can be reproduced on a particular garment.

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