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Get Rhythm

Get Rhythm

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, March 28, 2016/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson at atkinsontshirt.com. Full article here.)
I was running the other day and about halfway through my route when a song came on my playlist that lifted my spirits immensely.  
“Get Rhythm” by Johnny Cash.  Sure, it’s an old song.  But sometimes I like to hear tunes that have a little grit and history.  Plus I’m a big fan of the Man in Black.  Not all singers have to shriek through a song like they have their testicles in a vice, right?
Listening to the lyrics of the song (below at the bottom of the article), it occurred to me then that not a lot of people that I encounter daily do things to make themselves feel good or change their position about something. Why is everyone always in a sour mood these days?
Being happy, makes other people happy too.
This can be crucial to your success, especially if you are in a position of leadership or management.  Don’t think others notice that you are in a cranky mood?  Don’t delude yourself.
A crappy mood is like luggage that you are carrying around with you all day.  It is a unnecessary burden, and it affects everything you touch because unless you put down those bags, you aren’t going to handle things correctly.  Everyone you bark at, insult, or growl instructions to just thinks you are a jerk…or worse.
Want to change your outlook and find your happy place so you can interact with others well?  Here are a few ideas that could influence how you see things internally for the better:

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