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Warning!  There is a Thief in Your Shop!

Warning! There is a Thief in Your Shop!

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, May 23, 2016/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson at Atkinsontshirt.com. Full article here.)
Don’t look now, but you are being robbed blind and you don’t even know it.  This particular thief is sneaky, devious, and is virtually invisible.

If you could somehow make out the face of this culprit, would you recognize it?  Maybe.  Maybe not.
Here’s a tip: the thief has hands, but no arms.  He lacks a head, but has a face without eyes.  He can run, but never walks.  Sound familiar yet?
The thief is time, and looks like a clock.
Everyday in your shop, regardless of size, time is against you.  The better you manage your time, the more profitable the company will be.  Have you ever stopped to think about how your shop manages time or squeezes more into the day?
Probably.  Does this happen continuously?  Probably not.
If you kept better track of hidden time wasters though, maybe you could see the correlation between time and money.  This is worth training your staff to recognize it too.
Here are some thoughts on managing and saving time in your shop.  After all, time’s a wastin’…let’s get to it!

Click here to read the full article from Marshall Atkinson



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