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The $47,476 Overtime Question

The $47,476 Overtime Question

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Wednesday, June 1, 2016/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Marshall Atkinson at Atkinsontshirt.com. Full article here.)
Last week the Department of Labor officially announced the new FLSA overtime exemption salary cap at $47,476.  This rule is going to force many shops to choose between raising the salary of certain employees or granting them overtime pay.
This new ruling is expected to affect about 15 million workers in the United States.  Previously, companies could get away with not paying overtime by stating that the employee was an executive or manager, and not covered by the law regarding overtime.  Companies could have employees work over 40 hours not not have to pay them for their extra time just by citing they were executives.  In the decorated apparel industry, many “managers” actually handle a lot of the daily work load as well.

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