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D2 Bucket Lid Remover Demo

D2 Bucket Lid Remover Demo

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Wednesday, June 15, 2016/Categories: Industry News - Graphic

The Bucket Scoop D2 Lid Remover is the safer, cleaner alternative to cutting or pulling ink bucket lids off. The tool is designed for 1 & 2 gallon buckets, and works for wide and narrow lid-bucket gaps.

For buckets with wide lid-bucket gaps (see video for demonstration):

  1. Place the Jaw in the lid-bucket gap.
  2. Squeeze the handles. The tool works as "anti pliers," opening as you squeeze.
  3. Work around the bucket, squeezing intermittently.
  4. Once popped off, remove the lid. The lid can later be hammered back onto the bucket for safe storage.

The tool also works for narrow gaps; simply use the side Jaw, working the tool up and down to pry the lid open (see video for demonstration).

The Bucket Scoop D2 Lid Remover is available at Nazdar SourceOne.

Click here to watch this video from Nazdar Ink Technologies!



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