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To Push or Pull? That is the Question.

To Push or Pull? That is the Question.

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, February 28, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Textile

In a recent article published by Impressions magazine, Kieth Stevens gives us some tips on how to properly use a squeegee.

How your squeegee method can affect your print results

I visit hundreds of print shops a year — teaching, training and sharing. I also visit a few trade shows and distributors’ open houses. One thing I see in the trade shows and open houses that I rarely see in professional print shops is printers who are pushing the squeegee instead of pulling it.
Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t a time and place for pushing — I sometimes push the squeegee instead of pulling it when I need to move an image a tad in that upward direction in order for my registration to line up correctly without having to re-adjust the entire screen. However, those times are more the exception rather than the norm.

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