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EFI Reinforces Its Commitment to Inkjet at Connect 2017

EFI Reinforces Its Commitment to Inkjet at Connect 2017

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, February 28, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Graphic

(Quoted from Richard Romano and WhatTheyThink.com. Full article here.)
It was perhaps the largest EFI Connect yet. Upwards of 1,500 customers, dealers, and media types gathered at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas last week to get caught up on the latest in EFI’s rapidly evolving arsenal of hardware and software.

EFI CEO Guy Gecht kicked things off Tuesday afternoon with a keynote called “The Next Big Thing In Technology is Huge...and Scary.” That next big thing is artificial intelligence (AI), which is evolving at a rapid pace—perhaps alarmingly so. From so simple a beginning as Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer that “learned” how to beat chessmaster Gary Kasparov, to Jeopardy!-winning Watson, to self-driving cars, to a robot being interviewed on CNBC, it’s possible we’re being introduced to our future overlords (this book could be required reading). Thanks to advances in machine learning, we are barreling headlong toward what technologists call “the Singularity,” the point at which technology progresses of its own accord faster than humans will be able to adapt to it.

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