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High-Density Inks Meet Glitter, Foil, and More

High-Density Inks Meet Glitter, Foil, and More

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Friday, March 3, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Kiersten Wones and screenweb.com. Full article here.)
Lon Winters believes there are two truths in this industry:
1. Garbage in, garbage out.
2. If you control the screen, you control the process.
The president of the Graphic Elephants screen printing studio and Print This industry consulting firm has developed a reputation for high-end, specialty applications after a couple of decades in the business, but he’ll tell anyone that even the most complex jobs are all about the basics.
“Once you control the process, then you can start to manipulate,” he says, “so that’s what we do: take pieces within the process and start manipulating them to get a varied result with the different thicknesses and ink deposits, glitter applications, and foils.”

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