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Creating Unique Halftones

Creating Unique Halftones

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, June 20, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from Thomas Trimingham and Impressions Magazine. Full article here.)
Different types of halftone dots create value ranges in unique ways that can influence the way artwork appears, and also in the way it prints. So it makes sense to mix things up occasionally, especially if it could enhance your artwork.
However, there are only a few options for creating halftones in Adobe Photoshop unless you buy plug-ins. You can create halftones in the software anytime you convert a grayscale image into black-and-white (bitmap) mode. The standard choices are similar to those offered in most RIP software, such as round, diamond, ellipse, cross or line halftones (Figure 1). The most versatile are the round and ellipse shapes, although some printers occasionally use diamond or line halftones.

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