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DTG vs. Screen Printing

DTG vs. Screen Printing

Which embellishment process makes the most sense for your business?

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Tuesday, September 5, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from John LeDrew and Impressions Magazine. Full article here.)
If you’ve been shopping for screen-printing equipment, you may have noticed most major resellers and manufacturers now also offer direct-to-garment (DTG) printers. That’s because DTG is becoming increasingly popular and viable as technology evolves.
Deciding whether to invest in screen printing or DTG printing requires examining the differences between both applications, which have distinct sets of pros and cons. Understanding the production details of each and determining how these applications will benefit your business is important.
Screen printing has dominated the garment-decoration industry for more than 100 years. With advancements in ink, photo-sensitive emulsion and equipment, the process is reliable and repeatable, and can be done by small or large shops.
Historically, most printed apparel likely was screen printed, and most shops that considered expanding production volume looked to that technology to help them grow. This model is changing as digital-application technologies and the market evolve.

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