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How to Increase Profitability by Ensuring Right Price

How to Increase Profitability by Ensuring Right Price

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Thursday, December 28, 2017/Categories: Industry News - Textile

(Quoted from John Ledrew and Impressions Magazine. Full article here.)
Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is on the cutting edge of garment decoration and easily can become the foundation for successful business with just a single printer. The process is fun, exciting, cool and creative, but a successful business is all about the money. This means you must know how to appropriately charge for your services.
There are several DTG printers on the market. As a production specialist and small-business owner, my No. 1 priority is having reliable equipment that will make money each time I turn it on. DTG has a troubled past, but new technology and advancements have exponentially increased its reliability.
For our purposes, I will be using the Epson SureColor F2000 DTG printer, Garment Creator (an Epson RIP) and the cost-estimator tool. Other printers and RIPs offer cost-estimator tools, but it is more difficult to accurately calculate production cost if you spend unexpected downtime troubleshooting, expending resources and tackling equipment repairs.
With the F2000, all maintenance is scheduled, prompted and has a fixed cost. Therefore, it can be calculated because it’s not reactionary.

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