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Checking Out the Screen Scene

Checking Out the Screen Scene

Author: Lindsay Merwald/Monday, August 6, 2018/Categories: Industry News - Graphic

(Quoted by Ryan Fugler and Sign & Digital Graphics. Full article here.)
Screen printing has been around for ages and ages. For years in the signage industry, screen printing was the go-to technology for oversized printing, and especially for high-volume jobs. But screen printing seems to have fallen somewhat out of favor among sign shops as digital inkjet technology has become more efficient and more accessible to smaller businesses. Although most sign shops today have their own inkjet printers in-house, many choose to farm out long-run jobs to screen print houses when needed.
And one of the great benefits of screen printing is that it is a successful option across more than one industry. Those who are involved with screen printing already know about its important place in the apparel and T-shirt market. And it's likely that there is more crossover than you think between sign customers and apparel customers. Screen printing is still alive and well, even when compared to other technologies.

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