Kiwo PolyCol Aqua Blue Direct Emulsion



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

PolyCol Aqua is a presensitized SBQ-photopolymer emulsion for textile printing with plastisol inks. Its high solids content and fast exposure time enables quick screen making. PolyCol Aqua has a wide exposure latitude, making it suitable for fine detail printing.


Viscosity: approx.: 9,500 mPas

Solids Content: approx.: 39%

Color: blue or red

Storage: 1 year at 68°F/20°C

Potlife: 1 year at 68°F/20°C

Precoated screens: 8 weeks in complete darkness at 68°F/20°C

Freezing: protect against freezing

VOC: none

TLV: n/a

HMIS rating: Health – 1, Flammability – 0, Reactivity – 0

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Product should not be frozen.

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